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The Clinic by Dr. H is a top-of-the-world oasis located in the pristine peaks of Malibu with 360-degree views of California coastline and Santa Monica Mountains.

The Clinic by Dr. H provides a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, medically proven solution that will eliminate your excess fat and fat related dis-eases including: diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart related dis-ease, asthma, sleep disorders, mood disorders (depression, anxiety) and disordered eating. The program allows participants to realign their bodies and minds with the principles of a healthier lifestyle in a setting conducive to healing, growth and relaxation without the pressures and distractions of the outside world.

You will return to your daily life, work, family and friends with a new body, a new mind and new tools and techniques to maintain a lifestyle that will support your optimal health forever.

The Clinic by Dr. H gives you permission to place your health at the top of your priority list and provides you with an ideal location and setting to do it. Welcome to The Clinic by Dr. H and welcome to your health and happiness.

Two weeks can change your life forever!


Dr H decided to open The Clinic when he discovered something shocking — a group of overweight patients he was treating demonstrated an absolute elimination of diabetes, pre-diabetes, hyper-triglyceridemia and hypertension in only six weeks, with an exercise-centric weight loss program.

All program participants had completely eliminated all medications at the beginning of their personalized program. The rapidity and completeness of diabetic marker and blood pressure normalization had never been seen before. Furthermore, at the 3-year mark, fat loss has been fully maintained in 75% of these individuals. Considering the fact that Diabetes Type 2 is the most rapidly expanding epidemic in the history of mankind, his aggressive approach offers a much needed alternative to standard advice – “eat better, move more and take these drugs” – which for many reasons rarely works and does not offer a long term solution to a long term problem or the issues that created them.

When people become physically and physiologically fit, eat food that supports physical and emotional well being, reduce the amount of visceral fat on their bodies and address tobacco and drug abuse, 80% of disease can potentially be prevented. Likewise, 80% of prescription medication can be eliminated.

The Clinic program can begin with a 4-day, one-week or two-week residential boot camp (link to packages and rates) including comprehensive medical analysis and evaluation (link to 12-Point Medical Evaluation).

For more information about the Clinic By Dr. H, please email HuizengaClinic@gmail.com